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Modern life is full of challenges and we all have times when talking through an issue can really help.

CJK counselling, lead by Caroline Watson, provides a listening ear and an opportunity to discuss your situation.

With over 20 years of adult counselling experience, we are not here to judge or provide a diagnosis. We provide a personalised, face to face service, listening to you and understanding the circumstances you face.

You remain in control at all times, we are not looking to change you – that is something only you can do in the way that you want to. Talking in a neutral environment can make it easier to cope with the issues faced.

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We specialise in providing counselling to support issues including:

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Counselling tailored to you


We work solely with adults, but offer a range of therapy choices to suit you, whether that be simply talking or an activity such as colouring, walking or music.

Everyone needs different support and we see our role as ‘helping to unravel the string’ at your own pace.

We offer sessions to fit in with your lifestyle - there when you need us. Our clients come from Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas including Paddock Wood, Tonbridge and Crowborough.

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t: 07783 941520