Divorce Coaching

My job is to listen to you, really listen, to read between the lines. People think that divorce coaching must be sad work but I find it challenging, interesting and humbling to be there at the end, or maybe not the end as some relationships just hit a few roadblocks along the way.

I have found that love and hate are so often intertwined, or perhaps I should say that the love that is there at the start is still there at the end, and so often behind the anger and hurt there is still care.

Divorce is entered into by the head when the heart has forgotten it once loved.

I listen to my clients the way I listen to music, hearing every note, theme and the words behind the music. I listen for what you are really saying trying to work out if this is really where this marriage/relationship should end. When I hear hesitation in a client, even when through the anger and hurt they are trying to destroy the other person, I also hear that perhaps this is a marriage that is not yet ready to end. Maybe this is a marriage that will endure and sustain, so I will guide and help navigate through the difficulties being experienced either presently or in the past.

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